Covid-19 Measures

Dear Guests,

As you know, Corona virus (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly around the world. As Kamelya Collection Exclusive Hotels, health and guest safety are among our most important principles. We would like to state that all measures are taken at the highest level, by taking into consideration the health and safety of our guests.We kindly request your support and sensibility to act in accordance, so that you have a peaceful and safe holiday as our guest.
In addition to the measures determined by both local and national health organisations
in our facilities, as Kamelya Collection Exclusive Hotels, the following additional measures
have been taken;

• Hygiene status is constantly monitored and professionally controlled.
• Health, security, control teams and protocols have been set at the hotel.
• Necessary trainings were given to all our sta and all the employees were informed
about the issue.
• All our existing procedures have been expanded within the scope of epidemic management, and more eective disinfectants to prevent the spread of the virus have been started to use.
• Hand disinfectants are ready for you to use at all points that guest touch may occur.
• Hand and surface disinfectants are ready to use in both working areas and general areas that sta touch may occur.
• In addition to the guest service points, the units and shuttle vehicles for the sta are disinfected daily / hourly.
• All employees wear disposable gloves, masks, etc. during cleaning, production and service. They use personal protective equipment.
• Before assigned to you, your room is cleaned as recommended by the World Health Organization and disinfected with a ULV (Ultra low volume) machine.
• All touched points within the facility are carefully and regularly cleaned with eective and special disinfectants.
• All areas such as restaurants, lobbies, restrooms and pools are disinfected more than
once a day with special cleaning protocols.
• For the health and safety of your children, children activity areas and mini club are disinfected with special disinfectants safe for children.
• We have an emergency action plan that covers all of our actions and a program
to control epidemics.
We are grateful to host you during this period. We, as Kamelya Collection Exclusive Hotels, would like to thank you in advance for your sensibility and support on this matter.
Together we are stronger than the virus! We wish you a very nice holiday...

Best regards,
Kamelya Collection Exclusive Hotels



  • Check-in procedure will be carried out in order by following the social distancing rule (2m) with the help of barriers/separators to be set up to the front desk.
  • Our guests who complete their check-in procedures will be sent to their rooms accompanied by the bellboy. (In the case of using the lift, service will be provided in a manner to ensure that maximum 1-2 people take the lift.)


  • In the check-out process of our guests, the room card is taken and disinfected by the hotel receptionist.
  • Luggage room service is provided by the bellboy.
  • The Club Cars used by our guests in the hotel are cleaned and disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) on a daily basis. The areas contacted after each use are disinfected with chemicals recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.



  • The cleaning periods and chemicals to be used for the cleaning all common areas (lobby, WCs, SPA, Turkish bath, sauna, massage parlors, fitness center, etc.) that are used by our guests have been specially determined. All surfaces that are in contact with hands are regularly disinfected with the chemicals recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in all commonly used areas.
  • The layout of all furniture, tables and chairs in the guest common sage areas are organized within the scope of social distancing rules.
  • The common areas reserved for children are used under the supervision of the trained personnel, taking into account the social distancing requirements and the materials are frequently disinfected.



  • Disposable cloths are used in room cleaning processes to ensure the health of our guests.
  • The room is disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) after cleaning and left empty until the check-in of our guest and no one else is allowed to enter the room.
  • Disposable equipment will be used instead of glass and porcelain cups in the room.
  • Guest room textiles are washed and dried at a temperature of 60°C -90°C under steam conditions.
  • Room disinfection for our guests will be done every 72 hours.
  • After the checkout of our guests, split air conditioner filters will be cleaned during the room cleaning process.
  • During the room cleaning process, mask and gloves are changed by our personnel before starting to clean other rooms.
  • Disinfectant units are fixed and monitored for the use of our guests in hotel floors and blocks.



  • Seating arrangement is made in all restaurants and bars in accordance with the social distancing rules in a spacious and comfortable manner.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of tables, chairs, coffee tables and all equipment in all our restaurants and bars are provided with chemicals recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.


 Furthermore, the environment is disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) after each service.


  • The personnel in charge are constantly available at the buffets and provide the necessary service.
  • All restaurants and bars are carefully cleaned and disinfected.
  • As Kamelya Collection, we have brought new arrangements taking into account the occupancy rates of our hotels and the number of guests in our restaurants. Our restaurant services are carried out carefully and meticulously, considering the spaces between the ranges as well as the production and service rate.
  • The information on meal hours of our guests is given by the Front Office Clerk during the check-in process according to their room numbers.
  • If requested by our guests, disposable transparent gloves and masks that can be used while dining will be served at the entrance of the restaurant.



  • All our personnel serving our guests have undergone a strict training process on the subject matter to raise awareness in every aspect.
  • The temperatures of all personnel is taken and recorded before their shift at the hotel entrance and their health status is regularly checked every day.
  • All personnel social areas including changing rooms, lodging rooms, cafeteria, personnel transport service vehicles are periodically disinfected with the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) system and 100% fresh air is provided.
  • Disinfection units have been located in all personnel areas.
  • The undertakings of our employees have been taken to ensure their awareness for their duties and responsibilities both towards our guests and to protect their own health within the scope of the measures taken by our hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic process. 



  • All sunbeds, sunbed cushions, coffee tables and cabanas are cleaned before and after use and they are also disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume).
  • The sunbeds in the indoor pool, outdoor pool areas and on the beaches are positioned considering the social distancing rule (2 meters) between different families.



  • After the closing of the Mini Club, effective detailed cleaning will be performed. Furthermore, all surfaces frequently coming into contact with hands (door handles, taps, flush tank button, toys, surfaces of gaming tables, etc.) are disinfected with chemicals recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.
  • Mini Club is disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) between 12:30 - 14:30 hours during the day and between 17.00 - 24.00 hours after closing.
  • Hand sanitizer points are available for the guests of our children at the entrance of the Mini Club.



  • All activities are carried out in accordance with the social distancing rule in order to ensure the health and safety of our guests. (Water gymnastics, morning gymnastics, step aerobics, dance course, aqua wellness, etc.)
  • The satisfaction of our guests will be ensured by repeating the activities during the day in order to prevent guest dissatisfaction and overload if it is anticipated that capacity may be exceeded.
  • All materials to be used during the day (ping-pong balls and rackets, tennis rackets, air guns, etc.) are disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectants.



  • SPA employees are obliged to use PPE when they meet our guests or during service. (Mask, gloves, bathing cap)
  • Massage services are provided in individual massage rooms for compliance with the social distancing rule.
  • The protective covers and towels used for our guests are changed after each use and washed at a high temperature (>60ºC).
  • The maximum usage capacity of the Turkish bath, sauna and the steam room is adjusted in a manner to secure the social distancing rule and a space of 2.5 m2 and a distance of 1.5 m per person is ensured.


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