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FSP Turizm and Yatirim A.S. (FSP) was founded on 26 May 1983. The total capital stock amount of the company is 18,000,000 Turkish Lira and all shares are registered to the bearer.  Since its foundation the company has been managed by Mr. Yahya KURT as Chairman of the Board and Mrs. Ayşen KURT as Vice Chairman of the Board.

FSP took over the servitude of the present land of 240,000 m2 for 49 years from the Ministry of Finance in 1984 and with a loan support of 9,200,000 Euros allocated by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Tourism, it initiated the construction of Kamelya World Holiday Complex in 1984. The facility's construction was completed with a total amount of 43,500,000 Euros with an extra loan of 10,200,000 Euros allocated in 1989 from International Finance Corporation (IFC).

At the beginning, on 29 April 1989 Kamelya Collection started to operate under the name Sol Kamelya Collection and afterwards the name changed to Fulya Hotel Sol Fulya in 1990. Inauguration of Selin Hotel was postponed due to the Gulf Crisis in 1991 and the hotel first opened its doors under the name Sol Selin Hotel on 29 May 1992.

Kamelya Collection Complex was operated first by the Spanish Hotel Group Sol Melia for 9 years and then taken over by FSP.

The fast development and progressively increasing competitiveness in the sector require frequent new investments and continuous creation of added values. Therefore, FSP Kamelya Collection completely renovated Fulya Hotel and Selin Hotel in the winter period of 2007-2008 and then opened these two hotels to service.

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