Bubble Kids Club Mini - 4 to 7 age group
Archery, mini bowling, football tournaments, finger and face painting, mini golf, swimming pool games, creative games, Native Americans day, caterpillar train, swinging electric planes and cars, a movie theatre, table hockey, banana boat tours with the family, water basketball, t-shirt painting, children’s festivals, mini disco, kids’ show and much more... The most creative and fun activities for children aged from 4 to 7 are at the mini club!

Bubble Kids Club Midi - 8 to 12 age group
Mini golf, archery, Olympic games, darts, banana boat tours, basketball, water polo, shuffleboard, drawing competitions, Jenga, baking cookies, hotel rally, finger and face painting, t-shirt painting, sand painting, air hockey, sjoelen, aperitif games, table games, billiards, a PlayStation and Wii room, movie theatre, children's events, mini disco, children’s shows that include the junior club and much more...The junior club is full of great activities for children aged from 8 to 12.

Bubble Kids Club Teenager - 13 to 17 age group (July - August)
Football tournaments, table tennis, swimming pool games, darts, water sports, Olympics, foam parties, beach volleyball, movie days, table hockey, billiards, video and console games, archery, bowling tournaments, water polo, dancing lessons, amphitheatre shows and fun activities all day long.Full of fun activities, the teenager club is the perfect place for a great time.

NOTE: Our hotel does not provide babysitting services for children under 4 years old.