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Kamelya Collection Exclusive Hotels:
• Respects the environment and is environmentally-friendly,
• Is home to, and protects, a wide variety of plants and animals,
• Reduces wastewater use, and maintains policies for ecological towel use on the beach and in rooms in order to protect the environment,
• Separates all waste products, and contributes to protect the environment,
• Benefits from solar energy for energy conservation,
• Collects and eliminates hazardous materials accordingly to prevent damage to the environment,
• Collects vegetable-based waste oils to prevent soil, environmental and water pollution.

Our beach holds the “Blue Flag” (clean, protected and maintained beach) international environment award. Our hotels have “Environment-friendly Facility” certification, granted by the Ministry of Tourism. The general area of our hotel is 240,000 square metres; 80,000 square metres of this land are green areas. There are approximately 120 plant varieties in our garden. There are 40 different varieties of trees in our garden; and 4,000 trees in total. Caretta Carettas and green sea turtles prefer our beaches to lay their eggs.